Maybe summer is slowly coming.. at least the weather forecast says so.
After a lot of rainy, cold and grey days I can’t wait to finally enjoy some sunnier ones. Especially, because I’m aaalmost done with writing my thesis. Two more weeks to go. Crazy how fast time is running by.

The stress of the last months of my masters program has really taken over my life. I’m not that kind of person that is not worrying about anything at all and is taking everything light-hearted. Unfortunately, I’m more that type of person that freaks about things that didn’t even happen..or I freak out about deadlines that are not even close. I started writing some parts of my thesis in march already. Yeah, some might say I’m overacting and maybe they’re right. But for me, especially with being that strict about writing on my thesis, allowed me to stay more flexible when I was done with my work in the lab. It allowed me, to go to the gym and get my workouts in, to visit my family and do some nice things outside the gym. Sure, I HAD to skip some training sessions throughout the last two weeks because otherwise I thought I will not manage to be done with everything on time… but as I said that is just because I was freaking out too much about the deadline which seemed to be so close already..

So yes. Maybe I should chill out a little bit more about everything. Not only when it comes to studying and being on time with my thesis, but also with my training. No, honestly said I should chill the f*ck out about my training. During the last few months I had the worst training sessions in my short life as a wannabe weightlifter. I was feeling weak, tired and although I could see in the numbers I was squatting I gained some strength, it felt like I have lost some. I was trying to stick to my training plan, trying to hit numbers I was simply not able to hit that particular day. I was miserable and left the box not only once crying. Tears of frustration. Frustration, because I put all the energy I had left after running around all day long in the lab into that training session. I felt as if I was not good enough. As if I was not made to do this sport. It sucked. I was mentally and physically exhausted, simply because I was putting so much pressure on myself. It was that time my coach realized what was going on and although many people told me before I should chill out and stop being too hard on myself with my training, I simply needed to hear it from him. As I already have written in my blog about „The art of positive failure“ (sorry its only in German, but maybe I’ll translate it in English soon), its not easy to realize that mostly the only person who is demanding too much is no one else but ourselves. So hearing from my coach, to chill out, take some days off, to not even touch a barbell and maybe just do some CrossFit for a few days had helped me tremendously. It’s not about stop working out, but about adjusting your training routine to your mental and physical condition.

So after chilling out and talking for hours with my boyfriend about whether I should continue to only train weightlifting or get back into CrossFit, I came to the conclusion that I still want to focus on weightlifting. At the end of May I took part in a weightlifting competition. I was more relaxed and this was also the first competition in months, that I was really enjoying. When I went out to do my last snatch, I somehow forgot about being relaxed and started thinking too much.. I failed (a weight that I hit during training every single time trying). But whatever. I was at a point where I told myself it didn’t matter and all what mattered to be was that I was having fun. When the competition went on and it was my turn to get into my last C&J attempt, I told my coach I just simply wanna try this one number I was hitting during training but never ever had done in a competition before. I was not putting any pressure on myself..simply go, try and hopefully get a good last lift. I did. What I want to tell you by writing all of this, is that you can clearly see that sometimes its not good to want something so bad that you are going into a „do or die“ mentality, not listening to your body which is screaming to please let it rest. Sometimes taking one step back allows you to go two steps forward.

In my case I had to learn this lesson on my own. No one, not even my boyfriend, could convince me to rest when I really should have. For the last few weeks I’ve been following a strength routine with a few WODs now and then. I also do allows myself to rest whenever I feel I need it. Slowly but surely I’m feeling more energized again and whats even better: I started missing my weightlifting routine. For now my focus is on listening to my body and to not push it again to a level it cant handle with all the other things that are going on right now.

Aaanndd because I hope that the forecast is not lying and it will really get very, very warm and sunny the next days here in Germany, I wanted to share a delicious and refreshing drink I’ve created :).

Minty Melon meets Coconut



  • 300 g Watermelon
  • 50 g Full fat coconut milk
  • 3-5 fresh mint leaves
  • 3 ice cubes


1. Throw watermelon in a food processor and pulse till you have a smooth mass.
2. Add coconut milk, mint leaves and ice cubes.
3. Mix & Enjoy.

1 Serving // 151 kcal / C: 16 g / F: 9 g / P: 1 g

If you feel that 300g of watermelon are too much and you want to reduce the carbs simply take half of the amount. It will still taste bomb ;).


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